Discount Werner 3-Step Fiberglass Podium Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity for Home

I am surprised to see the bad reviews on other website. I have purchased almost all items in my new house from Wayfair and they are really good! I even needed to change my dining chairs and their customer service was the best in the US! They replaced the Step Stool with no additional cost and made sure the process was easy on me. I'll definitely keep shopping with them! These Step Stool is a classic. The color is beautiful, too. Overall, I'm glad I bought it. WFX Utility 1-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity is smart and worth the dollar. These Step Stool were perfect, I get compliments on it all the time and I'm sure this will be my favorite Step Stool. It was worth every penny! Buy buy buy!

1-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity by WFX Utility for Home 2021

We ordered a Step Stool which had been difficult to find, and when the Step Stoolarrived it was defective. Wayfair immediately granted a full credit with no hassle. It's always better as a buyer if you don't have a problem with the product, but the true mark of a company is how they handle the problems that inevitably will occur in the course of running a large business. We would absolutely order from Wayfair in the future. Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Steel Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 2.79' Overall Width x Depth: 14'' W x 18'' D Overall Product Weight: 9lb.

2-Step Aluminum Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity by Werner for Home Great Offer

I needed furniture for my new apartment, so I ordered two Step Stool for my house, as well as a bed and mattress for my bedroom. I also ordered two sets of dishes, cloth napkins, and placemats for the kitchen. I have nothing but glowing remarks for Wayfair. Quality of everything is AMAZING, and it was all delivered on time--some even earlier than expected! I highly recommend their products and appreciate the awesome customer service! I try, whenever possible, to buy local, pay cash and support my community with my transactions. When I do go online, I want something of quality and I need it fast. I have Wayfair as my first stop for furnishings for the home. The reviews are helpful, the quality tends to be high overall, and the customer service is very good. I hold their feet to the fire when I am unhappy, and they respond. I think our on-line businesses are as good as we demand they be, and I think Wayfair does a great job.

2-Step Aluminum Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity by WFX Utility for Home Best Service

I thought the customer service was amazing! Got on the phone with a rep immediately and she was super kind and helpful. I needed to buy a Step Stool but I had three visa gift cards I wanted to use toward it. Couldn't figure out how to do it myself so the customer service rep walked me through the whole thing and put them in manually for me! SO nice and highly recommend their service. I can not say enough good things about this furniture. These Step Stools can go anywhere. Very important. To size I love this Step Stool! Look very adapted. Good stuff, it feels good. I love this furniture!

Check Price WFX Utility Wide 1 Step Plastic Step Stool with 250 lb. Load Capacity

I initially ordered two barstools but for some reason there was miscommunication between csr/dispatching department and the warehouse (I assume). Long story short, they end up shipping the other one and gifting me a free one for my inconvenience! Like basically a $150 gift! My bad day turned into a blessing! Thanks Wayfair Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Plastic Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 8.62' Overall Width x Depth: 16.12'' W x 9.75'' D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

Fantastic EZ Steps 1-Step EZ Fold Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity for Home

I have been ordering from Wayfair for years and they consistently advertise products with accurate descriptions and pictures. I recently bought a Step Stoolthat didn't match the web description; Wayfair imediately provided a shipping label and the shipping cost for the return was minimal. Many places charge so much to return a Step Stool that in the past I kept the item instead of returning it. I had a great experience with Wayfair. Fast shipping, reasonable shipping costs if not free shipping. I had to return a defected/damaged item. They sent a replacement. The company didn't want the other piece back since the shipping would not have been worth it.

Very Low Price Symple Stuff Folding Anti Slip 1 Step Plastic Step Stool for Home

I've only had one hiccup when shopping Wayfair, but that's expected as things can't run smoothly all the time. The home furnishings I've bought in the past have all been of great quality. Great prices and super-fast shipping! Dealing with customer service reps can be frustrating sometimes, but I've worked in customer service before so I know it's not an easy task all the time. This WFX Utility 1-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity is perfect. I ordered it after buying the black in the store. Absolutely love it and get it. Implements in it all the time! Sounds expensive. Best of all, it's priced well below comparable Step Stool.

Favorite WFX Utility 1-Step Plastic Folding Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity for Home

I received my package when they said it would arrive. The box itself had a squished corner, not too concerning as the contents were packaged very well. One of the pieces did end up being damaged. I called customer service to get a replacement part. I was on the phone maybe 3 minutes, no hassle and they already have a replacement part on the way, free of charge! The representative who helped me was so kind! I'll definitely think of wayfair if I need anything else for our house! Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Plastic Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 0.75' Overall Width x Depth: 12.5'' W x 9'' D Overall Product Weight: 2.8lb.

Make New Home with Louisville Ladder, 4 Ft, Aluminum Stocking Step Stool, 300 Lb Load Capacity, L-2011-04 from Louisville Ladder

I have purchased many items from Wayfair.The merchandise is high quality and if you do have any problems with an order they always make it right. I received an item damaged. I called, they replaced it for free and got it on my front step within a couple of days! Very happy! I ordered a Step Stool and after I realized it was going to arrive later than expected I tried to cancel online with no luck as the system told me it was already loaded for shipment. The customer service rep was outstanding and got everything taken care of for me in a matter of minutes. Very impressed and will continue buying from Wayfair as a result!

2-Step Plastic Lightweight Step Stool by WFX Utility for Home Step Stool Sale up to 5%

I was quite surprised with the low ratings. However, this was my first purchase buying Step Stool. The site was easy to search for what I needed and provided much information on the Step Stool. I loved how I was able to order Step Stool before placing my orderand it didn't take long to receive. I plan to order from site again since my credit card has offer rewards. Wow, this Step Stool is impressive. It arrives in a nice box that would be great for gift giving. This is great for everyone.

Deal with WFX Utility Oswestry Mobility Half Step-Nonslip Treads-Indoor/Outdoor-Sturdy-Door/Bed/Bathtub for Home

We've ordered most of our furnishings for our new home from Wayfair and I've been very pleased with their service, prices and quality. Delivery is either early or on time. Everything we've received has been complete and in good condition, and when mistakes have been made, their customer service in handling them have been excellent. For example, we ordered an electric fireplace and they sent the wrong model. I called them and was given a 10% refund for our trouble and the new/correct Step Stool was here within 7 days and we were told to keep or donate the model that we had originally received, which we're actually going to be able to make use of in our basement. Do you have limited mobility or are you recovering from an injury? The mobility half step walking stepping aid is designed to help you climb steps with ease. Reduce the distance by half when stepping into a doorway or onto a stair, stoop, landing, or path. Place the mobility step stool next to your bed, bathtub, car, or doorway for easy entry! The step stool has six non-slip feet for extra structural integrity and grip. Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic, this step assistant holds up to 400... Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Plastic Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 3.5' Fully Extended Height: 3.5' Overall Width x Depth: 13.38'' W x 17.38'' D

2021 Special Dotted Line Bianca 1-Step Aluminum Step Stool for Home

I have been purchasing from Wayfair for several years, and I love them! Their shipping is free- which is very important to me because I do not have access to easy shopping living in the country. The products offered have good quality, and I especially Love their art work! It is very unique and different. I review my orders honestly and quickly- and receive reward monies for doing so. A nice touch! I share my great experience about Wayfair to many others who want to update their own look and where to purchase good home items. After reading the bad reviews, I got pretty nervous about calling to request a replacement part that had come damaged. Despite a little bit of a wait, customer service was super quick and friendly and got a replacement part shipped out in the next two days. The Step Stool was fairly low quality, but I paid a low price, so I can't really complain about that. Looks fine, just cheap materials. I'm sure the more expensive Step Stool are nicer. Anyway, thought it was worth leaving a good review about customer service since it seems they might be stepping it up!

The top 6 stores to buy a Step Stool in U.S. WFX Utility Multi-Purpose Portable 3 Step Aluminum Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

I have been impressed with every purchase I've made on wayfair. I don't look for furniture anywhere else now. You just can't beat the quality and prices. This store is a great place if you want quality. Their items are as described. I will buy from them again and again. No problems whatsoever. Please accept my congratulations. Well, I'm happy to advise you to buy this product. I need to help you find your desired Step Stool at low price.

Guyandotte 3 Step Iron Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity by WFX Utility for Home Best Step Stool.

I have purchased the Step Stool from this site. There customer service is excellent and helpful. Any problem with shipping or damages they are willing to correct it, ASAP. I have been very pleased with this company Anti-Slip Pedal3 ladder step folding stool has wide and anti-slip pedals to make you security and feel confident standing on it. The ladder feet have anti-slip rubber pads to prevent slipping and can protect floors well if you move the step ladder around the home. Heavy-Duty Step Ladder This 3 ladder step stool is made of solid metal Iron with durable powder coat finish, strength its stability and durable, support 330Lbs. Safe MechanismLocking mechanism design prevents the ladder from folding... Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Iron Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 4.1' Fully Extended Height: 3.36' Overall Width x Depth: 18.9'' W x 3.35'' D

Best of WFX Utility Platform 2 Step Aluminum Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity for Home

Selection says it all no matter which room were shopping for it always comes back to wayfair. We've bought a Step Stool and to many small items to list through Wayfair. The standard shipping or drop delivery for big items it has always gone great that gives me piece of mind not having to worry about lost items. I'll keep shopping through Wayfair because it's easy, safe and the prices are very fair. They work hard to make things right, I am very articular about things and if I am not happy with an item I buy online I expect the same service as I would get from a local store. If you call customer service you will be satisfied with results every time.

Deal The WFX Utility Newcastle 1-Step Steel Step Stool with 350 lb. Load Capacity for Home

Wayfair is my favorite home decor site. I was confused by all of the low scores and thought perhaps they were being unfairly reviewed. When examining the dates of the low scores, it appears that people are most upset with having to wait for their stuff which to me is an unfair criticism in light of Covid. They had promotional free shipping on returns earlier this year which was really nice, but I get why that can be costly for the company. This Step Stool definitely is on my list of favorite things! The color is real nice! The Step Stool is perfect! This is the best Step Stool that I bought online! Highly recommend.

Storage Compact Folding 1 Step Aluminum Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity by WFX Utility Celebration of Love

I've boycotted Walmart and Amazon for being billionaire-centric instead of paying a living wage. This store is an awesome alternative. I finally needed their customer service and they far exceeded my expectations there as well. Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Aluminum Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 7.25' Overall Width x Depth: 15'' W x 10.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Epps 1-Step Plastic Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity by Rebrilliant for Home from No1 Online Shop

Love everything about Wayfair! I especially appreciate it allows for customer reviews on the items as well as pics people have taken so we can view the products in homes. Reading the reviews is so helpful! Especially when purchasing furniture and decor you aren't seeing in person! Everything I've ever ordered has arrived even faster than projected and love the free shipping, which is a huge thing when ordering heavy bulky furniture! I've ordered home items from many other sites and always seem to come back to Wayfair! Don't hesitate to order from them! I am so surprised by any bad reviews of Wayfair! I have ordered a large amount of products from them in the past 6 months because we are renovating our house. Everything from dressers to vanities to medicine cabinets to side tables to draperies and even 2 bed frames. Everything - everything, has been delivered in a timely fashion and has been of the highest quality! If I need to return or exchange something customer service was extremely helpful! I love Wayfair!

1-Step Plastic Lightweight Folding Step Stool with 250 lb. Load Capacity by Cramer Industries, Inc. for Home Show Details

No problems! Wayfair usually comes through on whatever it is that you order through them. I've had a few problems with a couple of furniture pieces, but they replace it w/o any hassle whatsoever. It's just that you have to wait for the piece to be shipped again which is a minor inconvenience sometimes. All-in-all, I'm very happy with my Wayfair experience and would recommend shopping with them to any and all. I love this Step Stool! The WFX Utility 1-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity is nice. This seems much more expensive than it is. I have this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it and I am very happy to see her happy. highly recommended!

3-Step Aluminum Ultra-Light Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity by Rubbermaid for Home Go to Store.

After reading all the negative reviews I was leery about placing an order but since Wayfair had the cheapest price on the patio deck box I wanted I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. My deck box arrived within five days with no issues whatsoever. I won't hesitate to order again in the future. Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Aluminum Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 4.558' Overall Width x Depth: 20'' W x 4.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 8.75lb.

Conestoga 3 - Step Aluminum Folding Step Stool by WFX Utility for Home My Fantastic

I have ordered multiple items thru Wayfair and have had great service and the products were as advertised. In fact, a neighbor asked for advice on using Wayfair on my neighborhood website and got 16 positive comments from different people about how good each of their experiences were. I personally had an item delivered damaged, and Wayfair sent another one immediately with no questions. This may have changed over the years but as of present, wayfair customer service has been absolutely phenomenal to work with. They've issued me credits even when I did not ask for one. They're available to chat most of the time as well.

Your WFX Utility Sedgefield 2 Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity for Home

Love shopping at Wayfair... love the quality, price and service. I returned Step Stool, no problem, easy return with chat customer service instructions. Great quality in everything I have purchased, arrives when it says its going to, Can't say enough good about this company. I love love this product. This is a wonderful Step Stool. True to its size, comfortable, very happy. I got this for my 24 year old daughter for work. She loves it! She ordered two more in different colors.

1 Step Plastic Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity (Set of 6) by Rubbermaid for Home Go to Shop

Wayfair is always my first shopping site for furniture and home decor. The search filters are more detailed than other sites so I can zoom in on what I'm looking for. They also are quick to answer questions regarding specifics of their merchandise. Their shipping is quick and their customer service is responsive when things arrive damaged. I have used them multiple times and have never been disappointed. Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Plastic Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 0.79' Fully Extended Height: 0.79' Overall Width x Depth: 15.5'' W x 12.5'' D

The 3 Best Step Stool of 2021, 1st. WFX Utility Conewango 4 - Step Steel Folding Step Stool...

I have recently purchased a number of items needed to set up a new home. Some products worked out; some didn't, or couldn't be shipped in time. However, throughout, I have spoken with countless Wayfair employees who have been helpful, respectful, understanding and empathetic! They always, always make things right, no exceptions. I've finally ordered a Step Stool on Wayfair a while ago and it is better than my old Step Stool I threw out! My kids love it and some nights I love it! I've shopped there for years! It's my go to online shopping for anything they have! Great sales too!